Houston Arts: Music - Jazz

Dr. Robert Motgan is pleased to share with the Houston Illini Club the latest ‘PVA-jazz upload – their 1992 album, Inner Glimpse, 4 tunes by Jazz Ensemble and 4 tunes by Jazz Quintet (Eddie Weiner, student dir.). Among the students, you will hear (some now very well-known, of course):

Jason Moran (piano)
Mark Simmons and Derrick Freeman (drums)
Mike Severson (guitar/composer)
Jason Hainsworth & Will Clark (tenor saxes)
John Schutza (alto sax)
Eddie Weiner (bass)
Christian Lastrape (trumpet)
Denedra Williams (lead trumpet)

Bob hopes you enjoy these immensely-gifted “kids!" Check out his YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnY47nEvUUf0B_fbtwKTNJR6JW_SUZhiu